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Dive into the latest fishing adventures with Warden Sportfishing Charters through our dynamic Fishing Report. As your go-to source for real-time updates, our reports provide a snapshot of the thrilling experiences awaiting anglers under the expert guidance of Captain Sean Carkeek. Stay tuned for insights into the current hotspots, successful catches, and the overall fishing conditions in Highlands, NJ. Warden Sportfishing Charters keeps you in the loop, ensuring every fishing expedition is informed and promising.

We get these questions often. What fish is New Jersey known for? Does New Jersey have good fishing? Where are the stripers biting in New Jersey? Well, New Jersey is renowned for its abundant population of Striped Bass, often considered the state's iconic and prized game fish. The coastal waters, including the bountiful Sandy Hook region, attract anglers seeking the thrill of catching this powerful and sought-after species. Explore our fishing reports to get a glimpse of the incredible experiences our guests have had while reeling in these amazing fish!

Warden Sportfishing Charters offers a range of fishing trips lasting from 4 to 7 hours, allowing you to tailor your experience based on your preferred adventure type and desired duration on the water. We understand that there are numerous resources available for planning your next fishing excursion, and we're delighted that you've found our insights valuable. At Black Pearl Sport Fishing, we're enthusiastic about sharing our expertise on this magnificent body of water with fellow passionate anglers like yourself. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to fish alongside you!

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Bob and Crew Stripers  fishing report coverpicture

April 21, 2024

Bob and Crew Stripers

Bob and the guys with a good morning.  Keepers for the box and over last released for another day.  Fishing is good and only going to get better.  Call/text 732-865-6768 or check www.wardensportfishing.com for availability.
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Nick and Family Stripers  fishing report coverpicture

April 20, 2024

Nick and Family Stripers

Solid afternoon fishing for Nick and family.  Got what they wanted for the dinner table, released a bunch more and called it an early day when the wind came on.  Give Sean a call or text at 732-865-6768 or go to the website for availability.  
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Bob and Crew Stripers  fishing report coverpicture

April 19, 2024

Bob and Crew Stripers

Bob and the guys had an ok afternoon.  No bait around so we opted to troll and catch a few that way.  All too big but beautiful fish for us today.  Call/text 732-865-6768 or visit the website for availability.  
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Live Bunker Striped Bass  fishing report coverpicture

April 16, 2024

Live Bunker Striped Bass

Dave and friends saw incredible fishing this morning on the live bunkers.  Multiple releases for everyone on board to 25lbs.  
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Terrific Striped Bass Fishing  fishing report coverpicture

April 14, 2024

Terrific Striped Bass Fishing

Good day today for Ryan and the crew.  Plenty of good shots at fish throughout the day.  Fishing is only going to get better and the weather for the week looks great.  Call or text 732-865-6768
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Season opening Striped Bass  fishing report coverpicture

April 7, 2024

Season opening Striped Bass

this morning we had Darren and the guys out.  plenty of fish to be had for everyone with keepers, shorts, and over.  With the warmup coming our fishing should break wife open this coming week.  now is the time to book.  
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Good Day Fishing fishing report coverpicture

January 28, 2024

Good Day Fishing

Just had the most exhilarating day on the water chasing striped bass! The fight, the thrill, and the satisfaction of landing a beautiful striper - pure fishing bliss!